Unlike your typical gas supplier, we do not charge rental on our gas cylinders. Simply pay a one off deposit for the gas cylinder and “pay as you go” for your gas refills. Hobbybrew are an approved gas supplier and filler on the BFBi register. The Gas Suppliers Accreditation Scheme has been put in place to ensure that end users who buy beer dispense gas, know they’re dealing with a reputable supplier. Each year we are independently inspected against best practice guidelines to ensure you are receiving high quality beer dispense gas that is fit for purpose.


The HOBBYBREW Cylinder Deposit is a one-off, refundable charge – paid alongside the gas fill for your first cylinder. There is no limit to how long you keep the cylinder and you can exchange it as often or as little as you like.

If you need to return the cylinder, take it to any HOBBYBREW stockist for a refund (note: You will need your deposit form and a small admin charge applies, currently £10.00 +vat ).

A cost effective alternative for occasional use when compared to monthly or annual rental charges.

Cylinder deposit £70.00 (no vat) | Gas Refill £35.00 (inc vat)


60/40 is well rounded and balanced product used frequently in hospitality – it is the preferred gas recommendation for many lager breweries – balanced mouthfeel.

Typically used for craft lagers, pale ales, ambers, easy drinking sessions and ciders.


30/70 has a higher nitrogen content which creates a tight foam with much smaller bubbles, a cascading pour and a velvet mouthfeel.

Typically used for rich and creamy drinks, like stouts, bitters and more traditional beers.


Pure Carbon Dioxide produces the most carbonated product with a lively foam, big bubbles and a tingly, almost metallic mouthfeel.

Typically used for highly carbonated lagers, IPA’s, Pilsners and American Sours – straight carbon dioxide is also used for soft drinks.